Get to Know This Unprecedented Camp Stove

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How can it be 15X Better?

The Gordon Rocket Stove

Created for camping, backyard barbecue and home preparedness - the GRS is a life-saving, expedition-grade field kitchen capable of high-volume food production in disaster situations and relief operations.

The enclosed firebox and tuned vertical chimney create a rocket-like roar as extra oxygen is pulled in completely combusting all fuel.  CO “smoke” as well as ash is consumed as the wood is vaporized for maximized fuel use. 

The GRS features an OVEN, STOVE and GRILLA - to bake, fry and barbecue at the same time.  Use a pressure cooker or any fry pan on the stove while buns or potatoes are in the oven and meat or veggies are prepared on the grill.

The GRS system is 15X more efficient creating food from wild, renewable fuel than traditional open-fire cooking.  This extremely efficient heat and food production system features largely smoke-free operation.  A culinary-grade mini-kitchen, the GRS is a pleasure to cook upon.

Guarantee your home, efficient heat and cooking in electrical outages.  Inserted into a fireplace (without Grilla) the GRS easily provides safe drinking water, frying and baking ability.  A handful of sticks will make a three-course dinner for six.

Possibly the world’s best BBQ - the Gordon Rocket Stove makes everything taste like slow-cooked, hickory-smoked bacon.  Done right meat turns reddish as vaporized wood re-condenses as Barbeculestm - creating extraordinary flavor.

The portable GRS comes in original steel or aluminum both in camping or backpacking sizes.  All offer low-smoke and self-cleaning operation.  A Hot-Tent adapter fits both aluminum and steel models.  It is safe, easy to use, and capable of high-volume food production.

From Biker Rally to Beach-going - from Texas BBQ to Cape Cod fish-fry - from Minnesota hunt camp to Everest basecamp - from Canadian tipi to a yurt anywhere - from military and rescue operations to third-world kitchens - the Gordon Rocket Stove is ready and able to serve.


The Choice is Yours

GR1-Original Steel


GR1-Original Steel Heavier at 50 lbs. 

Great for home BBQ $500

GR3-Aluminum Camper


The GR3-Aluminum Camper, same size at half the weight. Better for car, boat or horse camping. $600